TheGeoAnalyst™ is a software solution that provides both front-end and back-end data delivery channels for client access to their geospatial data. We understand the need for clients to easily engage with robust 3D geospatial data, and have built a comprehensive system to allow them to tap into data anywhere.

Clients receive a secured, custom URL to access geospatial datasets and analytics in a web browser on the desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. TGA™ provides back-end data services via an API for secure delivery and fast workflow integration by supplying data to external applications through TGA Turbo™. This allows for 3D data anywhere - including mobile apps for field crews or other enterprise applications in use by our clients and partners.

TheGeoAnalyst™ is the solution to your data access problems. Want to know how TheGeoAnalyst™ can fix your geospatial data access problem?

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