Lidar Can of Worms

Continental Mapping deploys lidar, an active sensor using lasers, to quickly and safely collect 3D geospatial data. Fast and accurate, lidar yields a 3D point cloud of data, which we seamlessly integrate into geospatial data production workflows. In a 3D environment, we map, model, and measure the world around us. 

Our lidar sensors are mounted on aircraft, vehicles and tripods, allowing for rapid and non-invasive acquisition of geospatial data. Imagery is often collected simultaneously with lidar, providing a context and additional reference when analyzing the data.

Natural Gas Explosion

Many difficulties remain for the community as a result of the tragic explosion adjacent to our headquarters building in downtown Sun Prairie, WI. However, our business operations are back online, and though we are still dealing with issues, we remain committed to client delivery. Visit the link below for more official updates from the City of Sun Prairie. #SunPrairieStrong 


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