CMC Cloud Hosting

Continental Mapping has been hosting data in the cloud since 2016 and currently maintains over a petabyte of geospatial data – source, derived products, and analytics – on various cloud hosting platforms. Data centers coast to coast minimize the distance between clients and the provided data and can easily be extended globally to “follow the sun”. Continental Mapping provides “four 9s” up-time (99.99%) and “nine 9s” durability (99.999999999%) ensuring virtually no down time or data loss providing our clients continuous, around-the-clock access to the data.

 CMC Cloud Hosting Cloud Services
 Continental Mapping provides support for major cloud hosting platforms

Continental Mapping maintains 24-hour contact with all cloud storage through our IT and business analyst teams. This consistent monitoring and contact ensure client data and applications are maintained, accessible, safe, and secure.

Geospatial Data Cloud Hosting Workflow

Client Benefits:
1. Risk Mitigation. Take comfort in knowing your data is safe and backed up with extensive redundancy.

2. Cost Effective. No on-site hardware to purchase or maintain, reducing the need for in-house IT support. Scalable storage and tiered access options make cloud hosting even more cost effective.

3. Always Available. Know that your data is available and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

4. Secure Distribution. Share large amounts of data securely within your team, to your partners, or to constituents and stakeholders without the need to distribute hard drives or other physical storage.

5. Integration. Cloud-hosted data is available for integration to enterprise systems. Add data layers to your GIS apps, bring analytics into reporting, and let 3D data supplement your 2D workflows.

6. Support Your Mobile Workforce. Enable field staff with mobile access to cloud-hosted data and analysis.


Connect to your cloud-hosted data with TheGeoAnalyst, Continental Mapping’s cloud-based geospatial application platform. Get more out of your data with easy access, analysis, collaboration and downloading.

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