Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space

Mobile and Terrestrial Lidar

Mobile lidar scanning is a mapping services game changer - It’s fast, efficient, and safer than many other means of data collection. Continental Mapping can create detailed 3D models of transportation corridors by collecting 360 degree scans while maintaining posted highway speeds.

Continental Mapping breaks this solution category down into three parts: survey grade mobile lidar, asset grade mobile lidar, and terrestrial lidar (aka static lidar).


Survey grade means high accuracy at the level typically attained with survey boots on the ground. This level of mapping accuracy is also referred to as engineering grade mobile lidar, a result of the precision provided by accuracies to the centimeter on hard surfaces.

Getting accuracies down to the centimeter by scanning over 1 million points per second at highway speed means that congested and dangerous corridors get mapped with minimal survey boots in harm’s way.


Nothing highlights the speed of mobile lidar acquisition like asset grade collects. Asset grade mobile lidar collection, where the client’s need or spec dictates less dependence on accuracies to the centimeter, can start within 24 hours of initial correspondence.

Coming in at just over 14 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide, the lightweight portability of the Continental Mapping asset grade sensor enables collection crews to be just about anywhere in the lower 48 states in a single day (extreme weather and extenuating circumstances permitting). With six industrial-grade 5MP cameras integrated into the body, the sensor also provides 360-degree imagery coverage ideal for asset management.

For more information on Continental Mapping’s off the shelf asset management solution, click here.


Like mobile lidar collection methods, terrestrial lidar provides complete 360-degree scans, while achieving sub-centimeter accuracies. Terrestrial lidar works at collecting features surrounding a strategically selected point and is best for tight areas that are difficult to access, or small areas of interest requiring quick acquisition.

Continental Mapping will work with you to determine the best solution for your project needs.


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