Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space

Aerial Lidar

Aerial Lidar

Continental Mapping specializes in finding aerial mapping solutions that address client needs in the most efficient and effective means possible. Using lidar derived from a low-flying fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, or UAS, it’s common for aerial lidar to provide mapping with 0.03-foot vertical accuracies or higher on hard surfaces.

Aerial lidar collection is a solution that Continental Mapping has applied in all markets, with a proven track record as a cost effective acquisition source for traditional mapping projects. In the case of I-44 in St. Louis, choosing low altitude aerial lidar meant supplying engineers with data necessary to do both major (new routing) and minor refurbishments (new pavement) to an over capacitated corridor without disrupting traffic flow.

By using an aerial collection method, human interference is reduced, which is especially important over environmentally sensitive or inaccessible areas. Continental Mapping has a rich history when it comes to mapping culturally and/or environmentally sensitive sites with aerial lidar. For the better part of a decade, clients have contracted Continental Mapping to perform aerial mapping to provide critical information in sites where ground access is either impossible or unwise.



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