Continental Mapping provides geospatial consulting services to all of its clients. Often those services are specific to evaluating the technological approach or geospatial data need for a particular project, but it also extends to application design consulting, enterprise-wide system design and planning, and IT. We ensure our clients have evaluated all their options to meet their project needs in order to maximize deliverables.

Continental Mapping has the expertise to help guide clients in organizing and defining their surveying and mapping project or geospatial system. Our complete understanding of project planning and management, including geospatial data acquisition, curation, manipulation, and management gives our clients access to industry experts and ensures project success.

Natural Gas Explosion

Many difficulties remain for the community as a result of the tragic explosion adjacent to our headquarters building in downtown Sun Prairie, WI. However, our business operations are back online, and though we are still dealing with issues, we remain committed to client delivery. Visit the link below for more official updates from the City of Sun Prairie. #SunPrairieStrong 


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