Trouble struck on February 22nd, 2013 when a truck hauling elevator equipment collided with the Virginia Street Bridge overpass on I-65/I-70 in Indianapolis causing a support beam to split and severely impacting traffic. INDOT responded swiftly by engaging with Continental Mapping (their sole master contract holder) to complete a 0.10-foot vertical accuracy mobile lidar and aerial mapping solution for the project site.

Given the nature of the accident, time was of the essence to provide survey data to INDOT’s engineers to make design modifications.  With under a week’s notice, Continental Mapping mobilized its VMX-250 Riegl mobile lidar system and plane to collect mobile lidar and aerial imagery. The mobile unit collected over 15 lane miles of highway including over 30 bridges. Continental Mapping hybridized the mobile lidar and imagery to complete 1”=25’ planimetric mapping throughout the corridor and delivered 1’ contours, a DTM, orthos and a calibrated point cloud all to within 0.10-foot vertical accuracy on hard surfaces. Vertical bridge clearances were also calculated for each lane of each bridge.

Key deliveries of the project included:

  • 0.10-foot vertical accuracy DTM and planimetric mapping
  • Bridge clearances both as measurements and as part of a user-friendly bridge mapbook
  • Orthophotos
  • Mobile Lidar Explorer tool to review ground-based imagery within Google Earth

Indiana DOT Southsplit Mobile Lidar


Indiana Department of Transportation

Blended lidar and DTM data visualizing overpass and surrounding highway area in Indiana