Continental Mapping was called upon through its IDIQ with the USACE Tulsa District to establish a partial boundary of Government property at the El Dorado site where adjacent land owners had cattle that were roaming free.

No fences exist along the Government property line. The work required for this project was to recover and/or reset the boundary corner monuments defining the USA boundary line. Any encroachments were to be identified and lath was to be set along the property line at 300-foot intervals.

All surveys were conducted with Trimble R-8 GNSS-Model 4 GPS receivers. RTK survey methods were used to search for existing monuments and to set all required monuments and lath. All required boundary corners were located, no new boundary corner monuments were required for this project – only those in need of repair were constructed. The survey was performed to meet or exceed the current Kansas Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys as adopted by the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, May 24, 2010.

The final delivery depicted the current/existing property lines and property corners. A report of survey within the field book and in digital format was prepared detailing the re-monumenting of the boundary corners. The report also detailed any encroachments or features close to the boundary line. Missing or destroyed property corners were noted and monumented with concrete bases, brass caps and lathes. Boundary Lines were marked with wooden lathes.

A digital map of survey was produced using Bentley’s Microstation with associated metadata. Two sealed mylar copies of the survey plats and two sealed prints were also provided to the District.


El Dorado Lake Partial Boundary Survey


US Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District