I-694 is an auxiliary beltway that allows I-94 traffic to flow north around the Twin Cities. As a main route for commuters in the northern suburbs, it sees a large amount of freight traffic, making it a priority corridor. The infrastructure is complicated by densely packed communities. The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) I-694 re-design project was developed to create an asset management plan to track the condition and performance of roadways and bridge along this beltway.

The focus of the project was to complete right-of-way to right-of-way mapping of topography and infrastructure. Key deliverables included planimetric mapping, imagery, and a geospatial asset inventory to support the implementation of an enterprise asset management system. The project team, was keenly focused on the safety of all field work given congestion and traffic volumes, executing data collection with speed, and the efficient processing, quality control and delivery of all the mapping products.

Continental Mapping completed 1” =100’ planimetrics, 2’ contours and digital orthophotos from aerial imagery. In 2015, Continental Mapping returned to the beltway to acquire and process mobile lidar data. After production was complete, the 2014 photogrammetric data was integrated with the mobile lidar data. Mapping products extracted from the mobile lidar included additional planimetric mapping along the roadway (e.g., paint lines, edge of pavement, jersey barriers, bridge clearances and signage), a TIN of the surface for understanding water flow and ground-based imagery. Continental Mapping utilized an integrated forward facing high definition camera to acquire all sign features and populate an ArcGIS GeoDatabase for eventual use with MnDOT’s enterprise asset management (EAM) system. MnDOT is now using this data and EAM for more effective inventorying, budgeting, and replacement scheduling.

The integration of this data offered MnDOT a final dataset that will support numerous needs and meet their core goals of financial effectiveness.


Asset Management and Survey Grade Mobile Lidar in the Twin Cities


Minnesota Department of Transportation

Lidar point cloud visualizing highway with powerlines and light poles running parallel in Minneapolis, MN.