Things that happen in Las Vegas evidently stay in Las Vegas. That’s most likely not true, but when it comes to waste facilities it is imperative that what happens there does indeed stay there. 

Wastewater treatment facilities are extremely congested and complicated facilities, requiring detailed maintenance and expansion protocols. This 140 acre plant that serves Las Vegas, Nevada is perhaps one of the most complex sites in the United States, and due increasing demand for its services it will surely grow in its complexity. To engineer a major expansion to meet demand challenges, the client contracted Continental Mapping to complete high accuracy aerial mapping (0.10 foot vertical accuracy on hard surfaces), as well as 3D modeling of the existing infrastructure.

Careful project planning, flight planning, and tower coordination was required due to the site’s close proximity to a flight path into Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport. If that wasn’t challenging enough, one of the airport’s alternate runways was down for maintenance. Quality, low altitude (2.5 cm GSD) aerial imagery was acquired to eliminate as much building lean caused obscured area as possible. Continental Mapping collected all of the building roof-lines, bases, stairs, interior tank walls, domed roofs, standing walls, and other features with significant vertical displacement as wire frame 3D features in Microstation. The ground surface was also collected to develop a traditional DTM. Post design, 3D renderings were then developed by the prime contractor to showcase existing and proposed states.


3D Mapping – Las Vegas, Nevada


City of Las Vegas, Nevada

aerial imagery combined with DTM overlay of wastewater management plant in Las Vegas, NV

3D rendering derived from CAD/mapping data.

3D view of planimetric data.

3D rendering derived from CAD/mapping data.