As part of our dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, Continental Mapping wants to assure our clients and partners that we are proactively managing the situation and remain fully committed to staying open for business and delivering quality geospatial services. We continue to monitor federal, state and local guidelines and take proactive action.

Several themes drive our actions:
1. Resilience. Since the gas explosion in Sun Prairie in July 2018 that so profoundly impacted our company and our hometown, Continental Mapping has significantly increased its emphasis on resiliency to support the firm in challenging times. An example of such an emphasis is our investment in enterprise IT infrastructure to support staff to work remotely, move and manage large geospatial datasets effectively, and share work between offices as needed. Our company is built for resilience to keep operations going in difficult situations such as this.

2. Employee & Community Safety. We have put proactive hygiene practices in place throughout the workplace and have instituted policies to keep our employees and our communities safe while keeping operations open. Examples of such policies and practices include staff staying home if they’re feeling ill and reducing the size of the workforce that gathers at any given time by working remotely or employing flexible work schedules all while maintaining business continuity.

3. Commitment to Excellence. Numerous staff have commented to me over the past few days about their willingness to do what it takes to keep us moving in a positive direction. I see it in small and large actions taken by our staff to keep us safe, stay focused on our client’s needs, and produce quality geospatial products on time.

4. We’re Open for Business to Problem Solve. Challenging times often lead to new requirements and needs. We can assist with mission planning, preparations and assessment for emergency services, facility management, and transportation logistics. We have capacity to apply our geospatial expertise to address the unique challenges you face in a safe and timely manner. Reach out and let us know how we can help you.

Stay healthy.
Paul Braun
Chief Marketing Officer

Bluestone Investment Partners, LLC (“Bluestone”), a McLean, Virginia-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce the completion of an investment in Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC (“Continental Mapping” or the “Company”). Based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Continental Mapping is a rapidly growing geospatial data analytics and mapping solutions provider to Defense, intelligence, federal and state government agencies, and commercial customers. The Company combines remote sensing technologies, proprietary technology, automation tools, commercial cloud services, and artificial intelligence capabilities to deliver products and solutions to its clients. 

John Allen, co-founder and Managing Partner of Bluestone said, “We are excited about our partnership with Continental Mapping. The Company has a 20-year track record of successful delivery of complicated solutions, a great leadership team, a talented and technically differentiated workforce, and attractive clients. We look forward to helping the Company accelerate its growth and expand its capabilities.”

“Our management team and 170 employees are energized about the next phase of growth for Continental Mapping. We look forward to leveraging the experience of Bluestone’s principals to build our business through organic expansion and acquisitions,” said Dave Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Continental Mapping. 

Founded in 1999 by Chris Gross, President, and Dave Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Continental Mapping initially provided photogrammetric solutions to local clients in Wisconsin. Through investment in people, technologies, and capabilities, the Company grew to support operations for multiple government and commercial clients around the world. Today, the company maintains over 125 active production improvement tools, utilizes advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, and employs a highly credentialed employee base in Sun Prairie, St. Louis, MO, San Antonio, TX, and Northern Virginia. 

Continental Mapping Makes Inc. 5000 List Again

Continental Mapping has been recognized as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies for the second year in a row. In an announcement Wednesday, August 14th, Inc. magazine released the Inc. 5000, a list of the nation’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies. Continental Mapping, a leading provider of geospatial solutions, placed 4076th on the 2019 list, and 2517th on the 2018 list.

Continental Mapping provides innovative solutions across its dynamic mapping and surveying offerings, including aerial and street level imagery, photogrammetry, satellite mapping, mobile lidar, and a complete host of surveying capabilities. The company is a geospatial vendor of choice for many private and public organizations and holds multiple federal prime contracts and state master contracts.

In June 2019, Continental Mapping moved their headquarters to a new facility in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. With US-based operations, they have mapped on all seven continents and in over 180 countries. Inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list for the second straight year plots more data on an already strong growth trajectory for the company.

CEO Dave Hart adds, “To be included on the list for the second straight year is indicative of the dedication of our team to stay innovative and execute at a high level. It’s a credit to our whole staff in our headquarters, at our satellite offices, and our crews in the field. We aim to continue this trend into the future.”


Continental Mapping is proud to support Taking Autism to the Sky (TATTS), who was awarded the 2019 United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation Community Achievement Award on Tuesday, June 4th 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. The organization was founded by Continental Mapping employees and counts many staff members as volunteers. The 501(c)(3) organization leverages drones to develop social and employment skills for autistic individuals.

The USGIF Community Achievement Award honors TATTS, which began as a crowd-funded project in 2012, for its unique approach to developing skillsets relevant to the geospatial industry in autistic individuals. Utilizing drones provides an opportunity to practice perspective taking, teamwork, and data processing skills, which are much needed for the geospatial industry.

In recent years there has been a heightened awareness of promoting diversity in the workplace for people with special needs. Large corporations such as SAP and Microsoft have publicly promoted their positions and states such as Wisconsin have enacted Employment First laws that set policy priorities of Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) for people with special needs. Recent studies have shown that unemployment rates among autistic young adults run as high as 70%. Concurrently, the geospatial industry is hard pressed to find employees with deep focus and attention to detail who can collect and curate geospatial information, train and manage algorithms, and perform geospatial analytics. TATTS provides a valuable service to the autism community, sets an example for ways to leverage the strengths of autistic individuals and is developing the geospatial workforce of tomorrow. Directly applicable geospatial industry skills include content collection, processing, and analysis.

TATTS volunteers bring their real-world geospatial and teamwork experience to guide learning and development. Founded by Continental Mapping employees Paul Braun and Dan Frye, other volunteers include Brad Gartmann, Mark Harris, Joe Lahti, Patrick Murn, Dawson Bancroft-Short, and Gary Morrison. This team of dedicated geospatial professionals promotes geography and technology to an underserved population that can potentially address the prospective employee shortages in industry.

From L to R: Joe Lahti, Patrick Murn, Dan Frye, Paul Braun, Mark Harris, Brad Gartmann, Dawson Bancroft-Short

The innovative atmosphere in the workplace is similarly present within TATTS. The very idea of TATTS was innovative in that commercial drone technology was just emerging in in 2012 and there weren’t many people to rely on to learn how to build, fly and use them. In 2017 TATTS built an augmented reality sandbox, aided by equipment donations from Continental Mapping. A Microsoft Kinect sensor and high end graphics card renders dynamically-updated topography on the sand using a projector. The AR sandbox brings hands-on interaction as TATTS members try to model in the sandbox what they’ve seen for real through the drone, as well providing sensory input to a population that often needs such input.

To learn more about TATTS, including how to enroll, volunteer, or support, please visit

Continental Mapping is excited to announce the hiring of Jeremiah Johnson (JJ) as Deputy General Manager and Janus Program Manager. JJ brings more than 13 years of experience from Leidos, Hexagon U.S. Federal, and Perspecta where he directly supported the NGA Foundation mission for products and services. JJ is an alumnus of Gettysburg College, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Spatial Analysis. JJ also earned a Graduate Certificate from George Mason University’s USGIF-accredited Geospatial Intelligence program.

JJ’s hiring reinforces Continental Mapping’s dedication to providing innovative and reliable products and services to its GEOINT partners. As Deputy General Manager, JJ will support the Defense & Intelligence sector’s expanding opportunities, and he will also act as Program Manager on Continental Mapping’s 10 year, $570 million Janus contract with NGA. JJ contributes a breadth of experience to these duties and is a welcome addition to a strong, mission-focused team.

(Sun Prairie, WI) – December, 2018 – Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Briere as Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Briere served previously as the General Manager for Continental Mapping’s Civil Works Sector, which experienced record growth under his direction.  Mr. Briere’s experience and proven success in the industry translate to the current requirements of the organization at the corporate level. The move complements other recent leadership developments, positioning Continental Mapping to continue its steady growth.
Mr. Briere, a native of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, has been in the geospatial industry for over 20 years with experience leading firms at the executive, program, and operational levels.  He has worked with Continental Mapping as a strategic partner for nearly 15 years, in support of multiple federal and state contracts.  He holds a Master of Science Degree in Geosciences from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from the University of South Florida, and has held industry certifications including CP, CMS, PMP along with a Surveyor Photogrammetrist license in Virginia.
CEO David Hart adds, “Pete is a tremendous talent and is an exceptional addition to our executive team. Continental Mapping is fortunate to have Pete on board to strengthen operations for sustainable growth.”