David Hart, CP, SP, RPP - President, Continental Mapping Consultants

The development of specifications – specs – has always been a difficult challenge in surveying and mapping. In just the last few years, as new remote sensing technologies (like lidar), and methods (like crowd sourcing and data fusion) are integrated, we’ve been involved in a wide range of “spec update” projects. Three of our key client sectors: State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) are all currently undergoing massive shifts in their understanding of how to develop and administer specifications and guidance for the creation of mapping products. The difficulties we have witnessed – and participated in – have been profound. We are learning some important lessons from these experiences, and have changed the way we engage with our clients in order to help facilitate a better understanding of the need, the requirement, and the deliverables of a project. 

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TDOT(Sun Prairie, WI)—October 17th, 2013—Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce that the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has selected Continental Mapping for their statewide photogrammetric mapping master contract.

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Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce the successful completion of an 18B survey for the Port of Portland-Hillsboro Airport (HIO).


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(Sun Prairie, WI)—February 11th, 2013—Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a helicopter acquired lidar and orthophoto mapping project to the US Fish & Wildlife Service for the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge. The project was in support of ongoing inventory and monitoring activities, refuge management, landscape design, hydrogeomorphological assessments, and planned vegetation mapping efforts.


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Continental Mapping is developing a series of short videos to showcase our survyeing and mapping solutions in action with a particular emphasis on aerial, mobile and terrestrial lidar.  Our goal is to help engineers, planners, designers, architects, archaeologists and others see the ways in which our lidar solutions can be leveraged to improve the design process, increase accuracy where needed, and reduce costs. 

Check out the series on our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ContinentalMapping.

Guard Rail Lidar Vectors

Lidar point cloud with 3D extracted features

(Sun Prairie, WI)—November, 2012—Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC was recently award a high accuracy aerial imagery and lidar acquisition project for the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge near Bethel, Alaska. 

3 Braided

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