(Sun Prairie, WI)—January 11, 2016— Tim Caya has joined Continental Mapping in their Sun Prairie, Wisconsin office as Vice President of Mapping Services. Tim’s hiring is part of a minor restructuring of the company that also includes the creation of the Mapping Services Division. Tim will oversee all production staff focused on photogrammetry, aerial, mobile and terrestrial lidar, and all forms of land and hydrographic survey. Tim’s background and experience are big reasons for his hire, but, more importantly, his talent and vision make his addition a great asset for Continental Mapping.


Tim Caya’s educational background is in physics and optical science. Shortly after leaving school he began his career in the mobile data collection market developing imaging systems and data processing software. Those datasets were tagged with geospatial data so that they could be integrated with other geospatial data. “That experience provided an excellent foundation for a transition into the mapping services industry,” Tim said when asked about how he got into this field.


At Continental Mapping, the emphasis is on innovation, and not just because it is a trendy buzzword - It’s about sustainability and staying power.

Tim Caya on innovation:

“To me, innovation is simply the process of making things better. That process can take on many forms ranging from advanced research and development efforts to sitting in a room with fellow employees brainstorming workflow improvements on a white board. If you look at it this way then it should be clear that every employee within an organization can (and should) participate in the innovation process. That type of buy in and involvement from the entire staff can be the catalyst for rapid improvement within the company.”


The entire Continental Mapping team is glad have Tim Caya aboard, especially Jason Froemming, who has been with Continental Mapping for fifteen years.

“Tim exudes the kind of leadership skills any company would be proud to have under their wing. He came in and peeled apart the way we operate with no hesitation to better understand our workflow. He clearly wants to plow forward, move ahead and bring an already strong group of people to a superior level of production."

-Jason Froemming, Team Lead in the Mapping Services Division


Executive Vice President, Raquel Charrois had this to say on hiring Tim Caya:

“From the moment Tim came in for the interview process I was impressed with his vision for sustaining growth, leading and improving our mapping and surveying teams, and expanding our mobile lidar capabilities. With the addition of Tim Caya we have another committed leader to help us continue our growth trend. His talents with optics and sensor development are a real plus and his proven track record as an innovator and leader is first rate.”


For more on Tim, visit him on LinkedIn.