If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. After numerous successful projects as part of the Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction (STARR) Joint Venture, Continental Mapping is pleased to be a part of STARR II.  STARR II is comprised of lead partners Atkins, Stantec and Dewberry and was selected by FEMA to assist them nationally with the Risk MAP, HMTAP, and TARC programs.  


Map America - Bathy-01

For several years, Continental Mapping has expertly performed numerous aerial lidar and hydrographic survey projects for as part of the STARR team to support the Risk MAP Program which ultimately generates Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM).  Continental Mapping is proud to be an active member of the STARR II team and looks forward to bringing innovative solutions such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and lidar to the team and ultimately to FEMA.


Risk MAP is the risk assessment and planning for water related disasters through collaboration with State, Tribal, and local entities. FEMA uses this product to provide communities with valuable flood information to mitigate the effects of disaster.


HMTAP, or Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance Program, is an effort to improve and sustain capacity through Homeland Security initiatives centering on “prevention, protection, response and recovery.”


TARC  is a research contract program to provide research and training in support of Risk MAP programs.