Paul Braun, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Continental Mapping, presented: Lidar, Imagery & Mapping By-Products: Manned vs. Unmanned at the UAS Reno 2015 Technical Demonstration and Symposium, September 29-30, 2015, in Reno, NV.




Lidar, Imagery & Mapping By-Products: Manned vs. Unmanned


Description: UAS and lidar hardware manufacturers are currently focused on deploying lidar sensors on UAS platforms offering numerous new applications. Continental Mapping will compare an archeological research project with aerial lidar to a follow-on project that included acquisition and processing of high resolution imagery and video from a small UAS.


People who watch will learn the benefits of both platforms/sensors, clarify expectations with acquiring and processing data from both platforms/sensors, and understand the accuracy and supplemental products that are feasible with each approach.


Presenter: Paul Braun, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC

For 25 years Paul has been active in the GIS, mapping and surveying industry. His interests have always focused on applying geospatial technology to better understand complex natural and man-made systems. Paul has a BS in Landscape Architecture from UW-Madison and a MS from the University of Arizona in Renewable Natural Resource Studies. Paul currently serves as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Continental Mapping in Sun Prairie, WI. Paul is a father of three boys and occasionally tells a joke that other people think is funny.