Continental Mapping has been using the web-based story site for about a year now and the response from clients and peers has been strong. People in all professions and walks of life have remarked about how clean and easy the content is to experience.


“We like because it allows us to convey a more rich story behind the complicated projects that we tackle. It’s also a social medium platform that presents geospatial data and stories well on mobile devices which is where many of our clients (e.g., surveyors, engineers, GIS professionals) review this sort of information" - Paul Braun, Vice President.


Medium was founded by the same people who gave the world Twitter, which is sort of ironic when you consider the 140 character limit of Twitter posts. Medium is for long format storytelling, and there are no limits to characters – or imagination. Continental Mapping has leveraged this format to tell stories about Chattanooga, Tennessee’s congestion issues, Hydrographic Survey in Oklahoma, and what it takes to map the world.


Medium has grown from a limited pool of invite only writers to a wide variety of users. Every sort of entity in the world is represented, and the list grows by the day.





Continental Mapping