Last year Continental Mapping launched an acclaimed poster campaign advocating for the surveying and mapping industry. The idea was to highlight the dynamic ways, and numerous places, where the company has performed surveying and mapping products and services. Those posters were inspired by Depression era WPA posters imploring the people to “See America”.  In the case of the Continental Mapping posters, the idea was to “Map America.”



With the advent of WWII, the WPA transitioned the “See America” campaign into propaganda posters intended to unite the nation. The stakes may not be as high today, but Continental Mapping evolved its poster campaign as well.  Our posters have transformed into a theme to unite people behind the infrastructure challenges we currently face as a nation.  We like them.  We hope you do too.


“I hope people enjoy these, as I know we have enjoyed creating them. We are proud to live and work in the USA. I hope these posters clearly demonstrate that.”

 – Cody Baertschi, Marketing Analyst [CB1] at Continental Mapping






Uncle Sam-01