Continental Mapping Consultants awarded On-Call Aerial Mapping Contract with Indiana Department of Transportation

(Indianapolis, IN)—August 6th, 2012—Continental Mapping Consultants was recently awarded a two-year contract with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for on-call aerial mapping services. The master contract covers acquisition of digital imagery and lidar as well as mapping of project sites on an as needed basis.

 “High accuracy surveying and mapping solutions for the transportation market is a core competency for us,” commented Continental Mapping President Dave Hart. “We are very excited that INDOT selected us for this master contract.”

Continental Mapping offers a host of different acquisition technologies to the transportation market including the firm’s Reigl VMX-250 mobile scanner which can acquire very high accuracy lidar data and imagery. Continental Mapping understands the project needs and specifications required by INDOT and look forward to delivering quality, high accuracy geospatial data. Indianapolis based Account Manager Ron Schonegg said, “We have served INDOT many times over the years, and look forward to continuing our relationship here. It’s great to provide acquisition and mapping services for a client in your home state.”

Headquartered out of suburban Madison, Wisconsin, Continental Mapping is a leading small business provider of geospatial data development services to private and public clients. Continental Mapping offers a full range of geospatial data creation services from full service land survey to photogrammetry and satellite imagery mapping.