Continental Mapping Works with New Client Micah Group to Aid in Environmental Analysis

(Sun Prairie, WI)—August 20th, 2012—Continental Mapping is providing land survey and aerial mapping services at abandoned mine sites in Treece, Kansas in support of Micah Group’s work with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Continental Mapping was recently called on by Micah Group Energy & Environmental of Lexington, Kentucky to assist them in their remediation work in and around Treece, Kansas, as part of the EPA’s program to clean up mine waste
in the area.

The Treece region was a mining hotspot in the 1920s, leading the country in zinc and lead production. By the 1960s, many of the minerals were gone and the mining companies had left the area, leaving hundreds of large piles of mine waste (chat). In 2009, the EPA began to buyout the residents of Treece due to persistent environmental issues related
to the mining. Other hazards include continued risk from mine subsidence, with substantial collapses occurring nearly every year.

Micah Group was chosen by the EPA as a HUBZone provider of environmental remediation for areas around Treece, including excavating and consolidating the waste piles as well as recontouring and revegetating all disturbed areas. Work consists of constructing detention ponds, sedimentation basins, and dikes to facilitate controlled drainage and runoff, as well as filling mine shafts and vent pipes to prevent cross-contamination.

To help Micah Group successfully accomplish their large project, Continental Mapping is providing high-accuracy aerial stereo imagery at different stages of the project to precisely document conditions, topographic surveys for six remediation sites at different stages of the project, and boundary surveys.

Continental Mapping Account Manager Ben Redding said “Continental Mapping is committed to serving the environmental sector, and we’re excited to team up with a high quality prime contractor like Micah Group to help them accomplish this large project. Some of the piles at the project site are big and complex, and an aerial mapping solution really does a great job of capturing accurate pre- and post-excavation volumes to help Micah Group demonstrate their progress. Combining our aerial mapping capabilities with our land surveying services offers the team a complete geospatial solution, and allows for different methods to capture conditions at different stages of the project.”

Micah Group President Aaron Jamison added “With both Micah Group and Continental Mapping being small businesses, this project is a great example of how the EPA Region 7 Small Business Program provides opportunity to the small business community while mandating the highest standard of technology and workmanship.”

Continental Mapping and Micah Group are applying their partnership to other government and private sector projects, with their clients seeing a benefit from the combined environmental and geospatial expertise.