Continental Mapping, a longstanding expert in Geospatial applications, has launched an internal home for innovation. Called Noodle, this new entity serves as a launch pad for ideas, strategies, and development.


Shakespeare prosed “what’s in a name?” To ‘noodle something over’ means to ponder or think about it. A noodle is also a pasta that’s rigid out of the box, but, after adding a little heat and some water, takes on a near limitless malleability. With that in mind, Continental Mapping chose the name Noodle because innovation is about creative thinking and problem solving that bends and manipulates the status quo.


Noodle is a place where staff are given time to think, to test, and to experiment. Noodle is not about the chosen few, it's about a company-wide philosophy where everyone works together to move the company forward. You can't get full on a single noodle, you need a whole bowl full.


Noodle is built on an agile methodology. Ideas move to prototype quickly. They go into a mode of review, revise, and adjust - always with a willingness to accept failure and move on.


To see some Noodle results: