Continental Mapping and Mapillary are partnering to provide state and local governments with a cost effective and efficient solution for street level imagery collection, asset inventory, and GIS data creation. The combination of Mapillary’s advanced computer vision platform and Continental Mapping’s deep experience with mobile mapping opens up opportunities to support asset management projects from small municipal collections to statewide network surveys.



Continental Mapping has a long history of providing high accuracy engineering grade mapping for transportation and other corridor based projects. The company recently expanded its services to include an asset-grade mobile lidar system which enables a new approach to mobile mapping: combining data with wide ranges of sources and accuracies.  This expansion is aligned with Mapillary’s core competency of stitching together images from a variety of sources, then training automated detectors to extract geospatial data from the imagery. Mapillary’s feature extraction capabilities are currently deployed in smart cities for surveys, asset inventory, and storytelling in public works, parks, disaster response, transportation, and planning. Mapillary is an Esri Emerging Business Partner and connected with Continental Mapping through introductions from Esri’s transportation sector.  Continental Mapping is a member of the Esri Partner Network.


“Our partnership with Continental Mapping demonstrates how powerful solutions can come in small packages," said Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary's CEO and co-founder. "While Mapillary solves the need for fast, simple street-level imagery from mobile phones, with an asset-grade imagery acquisition service we can scale up to support projects with higher accuracy and quality requirements.”


Continental Mapping CEO Dave Hart added “asset mapping has always been a part of what we do and we’re excited to partner with Mapillary. Our data acquisition and processing capabilities combined with Mapillary’s artificial intelligence for automated feature extraction provides our clients with a new approach to asset inventory and management.”


For project inquiries or other information, please reach out to Continental Mapping Business Development Manager Ben Redding at or Mapillary Head of Business Development Janine Yoong at