Continental Mapping has been selected by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) for a three-year contract to provide on call photogrammetry and mapping services. TDOT can utilize many of Continental Mapping’s services through the contract, including aerial imagery collection, photogrammetry, aerial and mobile lidar services, planimetric mapping, and others. As a three-time incumbent on the contract, the award renewal recognizes Continental Mapping’s ability to understand and fulfill TDOT’s geospatial needs.

Continental Mapping has provided innovative and valuable geospatial services to the State of Tennessee since 2009. The firm’s past projects performed under this contract range from large scale region-wide aerial imagery acquisition and orthorectification to detailed corridor mapping using survey grade lidar. These broad capabilities support TDOT’s mission of providing a safe and reliable transportation system.

“TDOT’s long term relationship with Continental Mapping has proven out their ability to deliver high quality geospatial products and services,” says TDOT Aerial Survey Manager Brandon Webb. “Being reliable and thorough keeps our projects moving and they’ve done just that on projects of any size. We look forward to working with Continental Mapping in the future.”

Tim Caya, Continental Mapping’s Director of Public Works added, “We’re glad to continue our great relationship with TDOT. We’ve worked throughout the state for over a decade and brought geospatial solutions such as aerial imagery, mobile lidar, and field survey to bear to help TDOT fulfill their mission of providing a safe and reliable transportation system.”

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Check out this project for TDOT along the busy I24 corridor through Chattanooga. We used a complex approach including aerial lidar, aerial imagery, mobile lidar, and field survey.

TDOT Chattanooga Lidar


Continental Mapping is pleased to announce industry veteran Mark O’Neal has joined the firm as a Senior Solutions Architect. Mr. O’Neal brings nearly 20 years of industry experience, including leading large geospatial programs across federal, state, local, and commercial markets. With his addition to the team, Continental Mapping continues to bolster our ability to provide clients with innovative geospatial solutions.

Mr. O’Neal has served in various management and technical leadership roles supporting complex photogrammetry and survey requirements, emergency response missions, and technical customer support teams. The University of Florida graduate has led large groups through nationwide data collection and processing efforts, and his new role will enhance Continental Mapping growing capabilities to support global requirements. Mr. O’Neal’s focus is on providing security for the nation through authoritative location intelligence.

Chief Operating Officer Peter Briere said Mr. O’Neal’s capabilities and experience will support Continental Mapping’s current growth trajectory.

“Mark is a recognized industry leader in multiple fields relevant to our business,” Briere said. “We are excited to add his experience and skills to our leadership team.”

Mr. O’Neal holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geomatics from The University of Florida. He is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist (CP), a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a licensed surveyor in both Florida and Georgia.

Continental Mapping has been selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to collect, extract, and host transportation right-of-way asset data statewide along all 15,313 centerline miles of urban and rural mainline roads. The three-year contract supports Caltrans’ Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP), which aims to improve asset management while minimizing costs and managing risk. Targeted assets include signs and supports, barriers, guardrails, crash cushions, end treatments, pedestrian facilities, and bicycle facilities.

Continental Mapping will collect lidar and 360-degree ground-based imagery across all 15,313 centerline miles using its fleet of mobile mapping sensors and then extract detailed, descriptive asset information that meets Caltrans’ requirements. Source data and identified assets will reside in a cloud-hosted geospatial data solution and web-based software to support ad hoc data access, queries, field work, and comprehensive asset management. Through Continental Mapping’s 3D geospatial data platform, TheGeoAnalystTM, and integration into Caltrans’ existing enterprise asset management systems, the data will allow Caltrans to meet their TAMP goals and satisfy reporting requirements within all 12 districts and headquarters.

 CMC Mobile Lidar Collection Vehicles
Two of Continental Mapping's Mobile Lidar Collection Vehicles

“We are thrilled to work with Caltrans on this large, critically important project,” says Chief Revenue Officer Paul Braun. “This is one of many statewide asset inventory projects for us in recent years and is representative of the large-scale mapping projects we perform throughout the United States and across the globe to support mobility, safety of navigation, and national security.”

Public Works Director Tim Caya added, “Caltrans has a massive transportation network and vast amounts of assets to manage. We’ll help Caltrans better understand, analyze, and manage assets throughout the state. We recognize a project of this scale, and the range of regions within California, requires close communication and collaboration, and our team is fully prepared to deliver Caltrans the asset inventory and services they require.”

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CDOT Selected Continental Mapping for Statewide Asset Inventory Project - Image Courtesy

Colorado DOT Selects Continental Mapping for Statewide Asset Inventory Project

Continental Mapping, a leading geospatial technology and automation provider, has been selected by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to perform a statewide asset inventory of bridge and sign clearances. Through the five-year master contract, Continental Mapping will perform mobile mapping and feature extraction to support the transportation and mobility mission of CDOT.

Continental Mapping will provide CDOT with clearance measurements for over 500 bridges and 800 signs in the first year alone. Subsequent years of the contract will specify additional assets based on priority. Using mobile lidar and imagery, Continental Mapping will derive multiple clearance measurements for each bridge, and the lowest clearance per sign. These measurements will help CDOT regarding safety issues such as permitting for oversize loads, and regulatory issues including reporting to the Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inventory.

Director of Public Works Tim Caya said, “CDOT is a forward-thinking agency, and we’re glad to support their asset inventory needs with our mobile mapping capabilities. We understand CDOT’s requirements and the challenges of statewide collection and processing, especially in Colorado’s unique geography from mountains to high desert to dense urban areas. We look forward to helping CDOT better understand and manage their assets throughout the state in the coming years.”

Continental Mapping supports transportation and mobility markets through asset inventories, autonomous vehicle mapping, safety of navigation, and regulatory compliance.

Continental Mapping Named on Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies

Continental Mapping Named One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for Third Consecutive Year

Continental Mapping has been recognized on Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies for the third consecutive year. A leading geospatial technology and automation provider, Continental Mapping has managed steady and consistent growth and established cross-market resiliency through its history. As a team, the company continues to achieve milestone accomplishments such as this award.

The firm, celebrating its 20th year in business, placed in 1467th place on the 2020 list. Through established operations and innovative solutions, Continental Mapping has been successful in meeting modern geospatial needs across markets, including defense and intelligence, transportation and mobility, environmental management, and infrastructure. Earlier this year Continental Mapping announced a major investment by Bluestone Investment Partners, LLC, providing additional opportunities to better serve its public and private sector clients.

Paul Braun, Chief Revenue Officer said, “We are proud of everything our team has accomplished to be on this list for three straight years. Our team is honored that our clients place their trust in us and I am constantly amazed at the dedication of our staff as they map the world. We’re all focused on continuing to build, innovate, and providing authoritative geospatial information that supports the mission.”

Continental Mapping maintains a strong growth trajectory. A committed team of professionals, visionary leadership, and a culture of innovation looks to continue providing value and building strong client relationships.

Continental Mapping Hires John Erickson

Continental Mapping is pleased to announce John Erickson has joined the firm as Deputy Director of Programs. Mr. Erickson has over 35 years of experience in mapping and surveying to support transportation and mobility. He will focus on connecting the needs of Departments of Transportation nationwide with Continental Mapping’s innovative geospatial solutions.

Mr. Erickson has served at public agencies since 1984 including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), as well as other roles in the private sector. He returns to Continental Mapping, having spent two years in a previous business development role starting in 2004. He brings a strong technical background as an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and a Professional Land Surveyor in California, and recently retired from Caltrans as the Supervising Transportation Surveyor, Chief, in the Office of Photogrammetry and Preliminary Investigations. He is an active member of ASPRS, serving as Vice President of the Pacific Southwest Chapter, and is a committee member for the Transportation Research Board AFB80.

With Mr. Erickson’s addition, Continental Mapping continues an investment to best serve our state, federal, and commercial clients. Mr. Erickson’s broad experience in technical and management roles will enable the connection of robust yet cost effective geospatial solutions to state transportation agencies.

Continental Mapping’s Director of Public Works, Tim Caya, stated “John is a great addition to the Public Works leadership team.  His technical background, professional qualifications and deep understanding of the needs of State Departments of Transportation will bring real value to our clients.”