Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space



Continental Mapping has the capability and capacity to map extensive transportation corridors. From the utilities underground, to the signals and overpasses above, Continental Mapping’s wide range of geospatial solutions have positioned the company to be a one stop provider for transportation engineers and consultants.

Continental Mapping has mapped port facilities, rail lines, narrow roadways, lengthy interstates, and more in support of transportation needs of clients. Solutions from Continental Mapping assist in all aspects of transportation engineering from preliminary to final design, and assist in all aspects of roadway and bridge design, asset management, corridor, and construction management.

Common deliverables include 2D and 3D CAD datasets, digital terrain models (DTM), bare earth surfaces, elevation models, TINs, orthophotography, and calibrated point clouds.Continental Mapping also serves multiple state Departments of Transportation through master contracts. By understanding state specific mapping specifications, Continental Mapping will often hybridize solutions to meet client needs in the most effective manner.


TIM MAP - Traditional high accuracy photogrammetry and mapping
TIM DD - 3D conceptual modeling from lidar point clouds
TIM CD - 3D physical modeling from lidar point clouds