Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space



The demand for fiber optic cable is growing at remarkable rates and with the increased funding of broadband initiatives, there are more project opportunities than ever.  Huge investments in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and rural broadband continue to drive the need for quality mapping that identifies assets, clearnances and existing infrastructure that must be considered when designing the construction of new fiber. 

Continental Mapping's surveying and mapping technologies help you do the job better, faster and cheaper whlie providing more data to support engineering and design.  We bring field survey, mobile lidar and aerial acquisition (lidar and imagery from UAS and manned aircraft) capabilities to the challenge and combine that will fast and efficient feature extraction into 3D, design-ready data deliverables.

Our mobile lidar system quickly collects massive amounts of data along a roadway as well as off-road.  From the point cloud and associated 360 degree imagery, we can quickly extract asset information and clearances to support a variety of business needs from asset inventory to pole loading analysis (PLA).  Our aerial assets can collect imagery and lidar along road right-of-ways as well as rear lot lines or over rugged terrain.  

Output can be customized for all industry standard CAD programs.  In addition, our GIS consulting capabilities and software available through our software division - Foundry - can assist you in getting design and engineering work done more efficiently.

Below are two examples of our data collection capabilities:

Mobile Lidar and 360 Degree Imagery                                        Fiber Corridor via Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)