Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space

Federal Government

Federal Government

Continental Mapping is a leading small business provider of comprehensive geospatial data development services for the federal government. From hydrographic surveys to lidar jobs, cadastral work to photogrammetric mapping from satellite data, Continental Mapping’s surveying and mapping experts can handle any project. With offices in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas, as well as numerous survey licenses across the US, Continental Mapping can provide nationwide regional expertise. With extensive satellite mapping experience, service coverage is essentially global.

Continental Mapping proudly serves the GEOINT community (see also: Defense and Intelligence) as a default go-to for agencies and large business contractors. Continental Mapping also serves the broader federal government such as the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), FEMA, NRCS, and the National Park Service (NPS), through manned and unmanned aerial imagery and lidar capabilities, photogrammetric mapping, mobile and terrestrial lidar services, and a broad spectrum of land and hydrographic survey services.


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