Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space



Continental Mapping appreciates the value of environmental stewardship and the nature of work involving sacred artifacts. As a geospatial solutions provider, Continental Mapping has provided data and information to assist in risk mapping, preserving cultural heritage, and understanding the long-term effects of 100-year-old mines.

Using high accuracy, multispectral aerial photography or lidar data can support change detection, hydrology studies, and land cover analysis. Survey can support easement programs when protecting the legal boundaries of our wetlands and other natural resources.

Recent projects have involved hydraulic modeling to evaluate flood and drought impact, historical orthophotos to illustrate change in shorelines and landscapes, and coastal wetland mapping to support biological research and preservations efforts.

Continental Mapping has worked both as a subcontractor to engineering firms and as a prime to agencies such as USDA Natural Resources Conservation (NRCS), USDA Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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