Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space



Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. is a leading small business provider of geospatial data development services. Serving multiple sectors with advanced geospatial requirements, Continental Mapping has served the high accuracy mapping needs of the public and private sector engineering worlds for over a decade with our photogrammetric and lidar mapping, satellite imagery, and advanced land survey services.

Since 2003, Continental Mapping has proudly served the geospatial intelligence community(GEOINT) as a default go-to consultant for agencies and large business contractors. With expertise that includes an advanced understanding of photogrammetric processes; quality assurance process development and consultation, as well as quality control software development for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; and an understanding of federal contracting rules gained through our experiences as a prime contractor with multiple DoD agencies.

In 2014, Continental Mapping began work under the Geospatial-Intelligence Data Services(GDS) – Foundation GEOINT Content Management(FGCM) Contract. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency(NGA) is the functional manager of geospatial data for efforts related to supporting the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence community, government leaders, and humanitarian/disaster response. The purpose of the FGCM is a contract is to support use of digital feature data and hardcopy map production. This work is essential in the tactical planning and operations for ground combat and evacuation/humanitarian missions.

In 2015, Continental Mapping hired Nathan Spangler as Vice President - Federal Services. Nathan, with over 15 years of GEOINT experience, leads all business elements related to the defense and intelligence community.