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Employee Perspectives

We are a strong company because of our people.

AndyCourtney V2

Andy Courtney

Geospatial Technician

When I was in third grade my Dad gave me my first highway map of Wisconsin. It sparked an interest that is still with me to this day. Aside from working with maps, I use maps in my favorite hobby; road biking. I am always planning out new rides and enjoy exploring the Wisconsin countryside. I obtained my degree in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Once I graduated, I had a few friends working at Continental Mapping and they informed me how the company was looking to grow. That was two and half years ago and the growth is still ongoing. The best part about growth are the opportunities that come with it. The staff here at Continental Mapping is always encouraging personal development and growth. One of my favorite parts of working at Continental Mapping are the people and the work environment. The constant support from managers and coworkers becomes contagious which ultimately leads to success. It is exciting to work at a place with such a great future and I am thrilled to be a part of it.




Todd Theis

Proposal Coordinator

I love relationships, for example, I know that my house is here and that there is a 100 year floodplain there. I know that my children’s school is within three miles of a firehouse. Maps are documents that record these relationships – they track over time and they inform our decisions. I have known of Continental Mapping for 15 years – becoming increasingly familiar within the last 10. While Continental Mapping embodies a desire to move constantly forward, my favorite part is the atmosphere. There is a strong streak of generosity. As I write this I’m falling further behind in my weight-loss goals because somebody anonymously bought doughnuts and cookies and left them in the kitchen - just because it’s Friday. There’s a streak of comradery. Informal teams gather to play hockey, softball and flag football. Most importantly, there is a streak of respect. There is certainly respect given from ownership down. But the culture also drives one employee’s respect for another. With respect comes trust. My boss, and the co-workers around me, can trust that I will do my job. That allows me to do my job independently and in ways that suit me best, as long as I am able to do it right.


Corey Salzwedel

Mobile Team Supervisor

I've always been drawn to maps, as a kid I would make maps of everything and anything, real or pretend. My fascination with maps eventually would lead me to obtaining my degree in Environmental Geography from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. I held a few jobs after graduation unrelated to mapping when I came across an opening at Continental Mapping. They were located in my hometown and would provide an opportunity to use my knowledge and skills doing something that I have always enjoyed. Continental Mapping has the small business mentality and values that have made it an incredible place to work. They are always encouraging the personal development of their employees and pushing them to succeed. The company is growing rapidly and it is a very exciting time for Continental Mapping and I am thrilled to be a part of it.