Open Letter to Partners & Clients Regarding COVID-109

By March 21, 2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

As part of our dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, Continental Mapping wants to assure our clients and partners that we are proactively managing the situation and remain fully committed to staying open for business and delivering quality geospatial services. We continue to monitor federal, state and local guidelines and take proactive action.

Several themes drive our actions:
1. Resilience. Since the gas explosion in Sun Prairie in July 2018 that so profoundly impacted our company and our hometown, Continental Mapping has significantly increased its emphasis on resiliency to support the firm in challenging times. An example of such an emphasis is our investment in enterprise IT infrastructure to support staff to work remotely, move and manage large geospatial datasets effectively, and share work between offices as needed. Our company is built for resilience to keep operations going in difficult situations such as this.

2. Employee & Community Safety. We have put proactive hygiene practices in place throughout the workplace and have instituted policies to keep our employees and our communities safe while keeping operations open. Examples of such policies and practices include staff staying home if they’re feeling ill and reducing the size of the workforce that gathers at any given time by working remotely or employing flexible work schedules all while maintaining business continuity.

3. Commitment to Excellence. Numerous staff have commented to me over the past few days about their willingness to do what it takes to keep us moving in a positive direction. I see it in small and large actions taken by our staff to keep us safe, stay focused on our client’s needs, and produce quality geospatial products on time.

4. We’re Open for Business to Problem Solve. Challenging times often lead to new requirements and needs. We can assist with mission planning, preparations and assessment for emergency services, facility management, and transportation logistics. We have capacity to apply our geospatial expertise to address the unique challenges you face in a safe and timely manner. Reach out and let us know how we can help you.

Stay healthy.
Paul Braun