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Continental Mapping Selected for Photogrammetric and Mapping Services Contract by Tennessee DOT

By August 1, 2020December 18th, 2020No Comments

Continental Mapping has been selected by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) for a three-year contract to provide on call photogrammetry and mapping services. TDOT can utilize many of Continental Mapping’s services through the contract, including aerial imagery collection, photogrammetry, aerial and mobile lidar services, planimetric mapping, and others. As a three-time incumbent on the contract, the award renewal recognizes Continental Mapping’s ability to understand and fulfill TDOT’s geospatial needs.

Continental Mapping has provided innovative and valuable geospatial services to the State of Tennessee since 2009. The firm’s past projects performed under this contract range from large scale region-wide aerial imagery acquisition and orthorectification to detailed corridor mapping using survey grade lidar. These broad capabilities support TDOT’s mission of providing a safe and reliable transportation system.

“TDOT’s long term relationship with Continental Mapping has proven out their ability to deliver high quality geospatial products and services,” says TDOT Aerial Survey Manager Brandon Webb. “Being reliable and thorough keeps our projects moving and they’ve done just that on projects of any size. We look forward to working with Continental Mapping in the future.”

Tim Caya, Continental Mapping’s Director of Public Works added, “We’re glad to continue our great relationship with TDOT. We’ve worked throughout the state for over a decade and brought geospatial solutions such as aerial imagery, mobile lidar, and field survey to bear to help TDOT fulfill their mission of providing a safe and reliable transportation system.”