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Continental Mapping Awarded Sun Prairie, WI Critical Infrastructure Asset Inventory Project

By September 20, 2020December 29th, 2020No Comments

Continental Mapping has been awarded a Critical Infrastructure Asset Collection contract with the City of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to deliver geospatial asset inventory data on the City’s stormwater, sanitary, and public works assets. The project will support the City’s asset management goals through creation of a reliable database of assets to migrate into their Esri based system.

Using vehicle-mounted mobile mapping technology, including lidar and 360 degree imagery sensors, Continental Mapping will collect, extract, process, and deliver asset data with sub-foot accuracy across nearly 200 miles of streets in and around the City of Sun Prairie. The critical asset features the City requires will be extracted from the original dataset, with the opportunity to extract additional features in the future: a cost saving measure that is important to cities and governments that must consider immediate needs and budgeting cycles.

Continental Mapping has been headquartered in Sun Prairie for over 20 years and will apply local knowledge to improve the project outcomes. Working in close proximity with City stakeholders, Continental Mapping will ensure that project updates and issues are communicated with speed and efficiency. Continental Mapping understands the City’s requirements and provides a right-fit solution, as it has done with other local, city, and state governments throughout the country.

“This is an important project for the City of Sun Prairie to leverage geospatial data in new ways,” said Dave Hart, Continental Mapping CEO. “We’re members of the community who live and work here, so this critical infrastructure project impacts us as residents and taxpayers as well. We look forward to working with the City now and in the future.”

The critical infrastructure asset inventory project will provide long term benefits to the City and its residents. The data will improve asset management efficiency such as maintenance, repairs, budget forecasting, reporting, as well as broad infrastructure applications. As a local partner, the City can rely on Continental Mapping to support its current needs and assist in future geospatial projects.

For more information on the project, read the Sun Prairie Star’s coverage of the project.