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Improving National Security with 3D Geospatial Data


In this webinar recording, Continental Mapping's Deputy Director of Strategy & Development Drew Bouloy discusses how 3D geospatial data can be leveraged for national security purposes. The proliferation of technology to capture, access, and analyze 3D geospatial data makes it an accessible and powerful tool for a wide range of applications. The ability to visualize and understand a location gives users unique perspectives and powerful information. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Agile 3D data collection platforms & rapid processing
  • Intuitive data analysis interfaces to exploit 3D data
  • Enhancing mission planning with data interrogation tools
  • Cloud-based access to 3D data via open platforms
  • Improving situational awareness with precision 3D data

Interested to learn more about how Continental Mapping can support your national security application? Contact us at the link below.

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