The demand on transportation infrastructure is up, along with fuel efficiencies, causing less taxable fuel to be consumed. The resulting revenue shortfalls make asset management programs essential to take care of assets that are already in place and manage the long term life of overall asset inventories. Asset Management, a systematic approach leveraging complete data sets, allows for accurate assessment of risk and investment. Asset management helps make sure funding is available for the highest priorities.



Asset management goals include:

  • Sustainability
  • Informed decision making
  • Equitable
  • Stewardship
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Agility

Data-driven asset management preserves and lengthens the life of assets while helping to arrange future funding. Data drives decisions, not a worst first strategy, because it’s optimized and managed for the best long-term use.


Having an asset management plan in place allows DOTs to plan for the unexpected:


A data driven asset management package includes:

  • Inventory of assets
  • Level of service provided to assets
  • Future demands on assets
  • Life cycle management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Financial plan
  • Investment strategies

It’s about meeting long term needs and commitments ensure “a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future.”


The Continental Mapping Asset Management solution provides clients with authoritative, comprehensive, and reliable data that drives asset management programs. This data is available in an on-demand, off the shelf capacity that includes data hosting for access to valuable asset information anywhere - at anytime - with no strain on client servers.



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