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From tight schedules to limited capacity, contractual small business requirements to geographic inexperience, large engineering projects face any number of challenges. Let the geospatial experts at Continental Mapping handle your surveying and mapping needs, as well as provide innovative geospatial solutions and so that you can concentrate on what your firm does best--engineering.


"Continental Mapping completed the work at a very cost competitive price."

Stacey Bluse, Project Surveyor, AECOM



"Due to a sudden urgent need for the mapping data, our client dramatically shortened the project schedule, we turned to Continental Mapping for help. They provided a top quality product at a good price in a very short timeframe enabling us to deliver the project on time within the reduced schedule."

Aaron Morris, GISP, Assistant Vice President, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.



"Continental Mapping consulted with us to identify the appropriate map scales, accuracies, and data structures (CAD and GIS) to ensure that we had everything we needed to meet our client's needs--all this with a highly competitive price."

Adam Hammen, Project Engineer, Sigma Group



“A shared sense of urgency among the City of Indianapolis, the Federal Highway Administration and our contractors expedited project development and construction. INDOT recognizes and appreciates the swift work of Continental Mapping.”

INDOT Deputy Commissioner Brandye Hendrickson