David Hart, CP, SP, RPP

CEO & Co-founder

Chris Gross

COO & Co-founder

Andy Dougherty


Paul Braun

Vice President - Business Development

Raquel Charrois, CP, PMP, CMS-RS, CMS-GIS/LIS, SP, RP

Vice President - Operations

Nathan Spangler

General Manager - Defense and Intelligence

Tim Caya

General Manager - Transportation and Infrastructure

Pete Briere

General Manager - Civil Works

Continental Mapping is supported by Certified Photogrammetrists (CP), GIS programmers and analysts, Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), IT professionals, and survey technicians from highly valued and diverse backgrounds.

Natural Gas Explosion

Efforts are ongoing to clean up the explosion site and return adjacent areas to a sense of normalcy. A lengthy process of demolition and rebuilding is ahead, and Continental Mapping will support the Sun Prairie community in staying #SunPrairieStrong.

Visit the link below for more official updates from the City of Sun Prairie.


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