Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Chris Gross and Dave Hart. The company focused on providing quality photogrammetric mapping and building strong client relationships in the land development, telecommunications and transportation industries. This commitment to quality lead to stable growth and expansion into new markets with the addition of new services and innovation solutions. 

Staying true to its name, Continental Mapping has evolved from a small storefront office space, to locations across the country, and has completed surveying and mapping projects around the world. Continental Mapping is recognized as a reliable industry leader in providing innovative geospatial services.


Natural Gas Explosion

Many difficulties remain for the community as a result of the tragic explosion adjacent to our headquarters building in downtown Sun Prairie, WI. However, our business operations are back online, and though we are still dealing with issues, we remain committed to client delivery. Visit the link below for more official updates from the City of Sun Prairie. #SunPrairieStrong 


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