Continental Mapping specializes in coordinating and executing all aspects of aerial lidar

and imagery acquisition. We offer mapping solutions that produce verifiable vertical

accuracies as high as 0.01' on hard surfaces. Using imagery and lidar data collected

from either a low flying helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, our survey crews (or client

provided survey crews if preferred) supplement data with ground control points to create

quality imagery and lidar products.


Continental Mapping has aerial acquisition capabilities through our Trimble Harrier

helicopter system (integrated with lidar, digital camera, and IMU) as well as strong

working relationships with a select group of industry partners across the country for

fixed-wing acquisition. This gives us the convenience of using our own equipment, as

well as the flexibility of having access to a host of acquisition methods and sensors.

We also utilize local providers when it provides a cost savings to our clients.


Aerial acquisition is a safe and cost effective option for many different projects, whether

it be for transportation and utility corridors, or shoreline and land use mapping. New

ABGPS technology can reduce the number of survey crews significantly and reduce the

risk of having to deploy survey crews on busy highways or difficult to reach areas. Our

skilled photogrammetrists can process data in varying relief to create seamless elevation

data sets capable of supporting your mapping needs.




Natural Gas Explosion in Sun Prairie

UPDATE 7/16/2018 Continental Mapping is pleased to report we have been granted occupancy of our headquarters building,...


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Natural Gas Explosion

Many difficulties remain for the community as a result of the tragic explosion adjacent to our headquarters building in downtown Sun Prairie, WI. However, our business operations are back online, and though we are still dealing with issues, we remain committed to client delivery. Visit the link below for more official updates from the City of Sun Prairie. #SunPrairieStrong 


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