Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space

Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. provides comprehensive geospatial services to worldwide markets to enhance decision making. We offer mapping and surveying services to governmental agencies and private entities focused on national security, mobility, environmental quality, and infrastructure.

Continental Mapping employs innovative technologies to collect, process, curate and analyze geospatial data to better the world around us. Using imagery from cell phones to satellites, lidar point clouds, artificial intelligence, and commercial software development, we produce the geospatial data decision makers need.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Continental Mapping has developed stable and reliant processes that enable consistent growth and deliver quality products.

Continental Mapping Hires Jeremiah Johnson, Bolsters Defense & Intelligence Sector

Continental Mapping is excited to announce the hiring of Jeremiah Johnson (JJ) as Deputy General Manager and Janus...

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 Our first 5G Geospatial Data blog entry discussed the primary challenges of building the new 5G communications network and why high-quality geospatial data plays such a critical role in its development. 5G requires more sm...

Statewide Asset Inventory and Assessment for MnDOT

A joint task force between the Federal Highway Administration and American Association of State Highway Transportation...

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Fort Sill Boundary Survey

Continental Mapping was tasked with performing 90-miles of boundary survey services for the Fort Sill Military...

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